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SITE UPDATED 12th November 2000


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Hi (Ho) Fans,

Well, I can't believe it's November again and I'm knee-deep in rehearsals for yet another panto (Snow White for a change!) It's been an amazing twelve months (I must update this site more often) and I have had lots of personal growth which I will go into in more detail once I have more spare time.

We're in Reading this year and have a great cast in Kevin Kennedy (Prince), Patricia Hodge (Evil Queen) and Fogwell Flax (Henchman). Fogs has us in stitches with his impressions of Frank Spencer, Deputy Dawg and Harold Wison - though I'm note sure how well they'll go down with the kids.

I've worked with a few of the little guys before (Charlie, Kerry and Mike) and the Snow White is a lovely newcomer called Lucy Davis. I think I may be falling again!! She's not done much, though she has a famous dad apparently (Mike reckons it's Bob Carolgees but Kevin says it's definitely Jasper Carrott) and she has just done a pilot for a new TV show called "The Office" which she is hoping will go to a series.

Well, that's all for now - check out the photo gallery and if you get a chance please do sign my Guestbook. Thanks,

Robert x


  • Robert Greenspan in Northampton

    Me in Northampton 1999

  • Robert Greenspan in Wolverhampton

    Wolverhampton 1998 (that's David Baddiel next to me)

  • Robert Greenspan in Bristol

    Me and my good friend Kerry

  • Robert Greenspan acting

    I've also made several short films


Photo of Kerry

Call me x

3rd February 2001 - Kerry

Photo of Luxcy

Finally checked it out! Told you I would. Missing you all already, in floods all morning but good news, The Office is commissioned for a series, yeay! Ricky and Steve called, it's going to be mega. Listen babes, don't worry about all that stuff last night - end of show parties are emotional for everyone and it's not that I don't think you're lovely, I do - you're so cute and adorable, it's just that with the whole Office thing and not knowing how things will pan out with Kevin... aahhh, I'm rambling! Anyway, much love and will keep in touch Luce xxx

2nd February 2001 - Lucy D. x

Photo of Christopher Biggins

Good to meet you last night Robert. Fabulous show, Neil and I loved it - you absolutely stole it from the others. Am not doing SW again for a few years as I've got Cinders and Pan scripts I've been wanting to do, but you're certainly on my 'shortlist'! Safari...? BIGGINS xx

18th December 2000 - BIGGINS

Photo of Kerry

You going up for Reading this year? Be nice to work together again. Call me, K x

19th August 2000 - Kerry

Photo of Dog with glasses

And so another 10 months of unemployment looms.

1st February 2000 - Mike

Photo of Orange

Hey - Merry Christmas!! How's it your end? How's McFadden? Feltz is lovely but Schofield's a real bitch. Thinking of you, K x

25th December 1999 - Charlie

Photo of Kitten

Sw U in PNT-o last nite - awwwwsomeee!!! Ure in gr8 shpe, lvd the splsh rtine. I usd to lk 2 splsh it ll vr 2!! U on msn?

4th December 1999 - Coops

Photo of Kitten

U iz well fit - gr8 fotoz. Any sparez?

22nd November 1999 - Coops

Photo of Kerry

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Robert, Happy birthday to you! K x

17th August 1999 - Kerry

Midget Gems Logo

Hey Robert, just back from MunchCon '00 which was a 'big' success as ever. You should consider doing an event with us, you're often asked about. Still 'Snow Whiteing'? Let me know when you get fed up of it, there's still dosh to be made over here! Neal

15th July - Neal 1999 (MG Prods)

Photo of tailend of Car

You owe me £20 you little prick.

1st December 1998 - Mike Jeffries

Photo of Kerry

Happy Birthday mate!! See you soon, K x

17th August 1998 - Kerry

Photo of Kerry

Cool site Robert - classic photos of us in Bristol. Heard from any of the other guys? I heard Tiny's gone up for latest Harry Potter but he's up against Warwick, so... keep in touch, K x

6th June 1998 - Kerry

Photo of Robert Greenspan

Just testing the Guestbook. Hello Guestbook!

4th June 1998 - Robert

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